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Nutritionist shares simple lifestyle and diet tips to get rid of dark circles

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Dark circles are like those guests who often arrive uninvited and prolong their stay. But, it is us, who unknowingly invite them; thanks to our diet, lifestyle, screen, and sleep habits.  “These are some of the major reasons why our eyes are sinking deeper and turning darker,” said Dr Rohini Patil, a nutritionist at Nutracy Lifestyle.

However, it is never too late and you can always make some changes to your schedule and banish those dark circles.

Below, Dr Patil shares some simple tips and tricks to help you do the same.

Look for natural diuretics 

“It is important that you include foods that work as natural diuretics in your regular diet because such foods can lessen the dark, swollen look beneath your eyes,” she said adding foods that contain natural diuretics include watermelon, celery, and cucumber. 

However, make sure you don’t consume artificial diuretics because excessive intake of artificial diuretics can lead to low potassium inequities and “other types of harmful electrolyte disparities as well”, she said 

Try to consume lots of cucumber slices to get rid of circles at home. (Source: File Photo)

Know what to avoid

Stay away from junk food. “Limit drinking caffeinated drinks because they can add to the bulge and darken the skin beneath your eyes,” she told indianexpress.com. You should also lessen your consumption of sweets and greasy foods and include more fruits and vegetables instead. 

Limit the intake of salty foods and alcohol  

Dr Patil said: “A regimen loaded with salt can cause dark, swollen eyes because salt can lead to water retention. You should also stay away from consuming a lot of processed foods because they are prepared with lots of salts to serve as preservatives.” 

Avoid alcohol because it leads to heavier dark circles. Instead drink healthy fluids like water and juices to rebalance the liquids inside your body. 

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Preserve proper body hydration and add loads of cucumber

It is no secret that you need to maintain your body’s hydration levels, and hence should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday. Putting cold pieces of cucumber above your eyes can help lessen dark circles but this is only a temporary solution. If you want to rid of dark circles then try to consume lots of cucumber slices regularly,” she shared.

Supplement your diet with vitamins and essential fatty acids

“Make sure to incorporate high-quality multivitamins because dark circles under your eyes can also be due to nutrient insufficiency. Take loads of iron, vitamin C, B and E,” she said. 

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